Musician songwriter designer performer luthier

A long time ago I started designing instruments to  get a better sound and move away from the standard looks.  This 8 string where the body is made out of two pieces of mahogany wood.  I am also a performer and studio musician and my quality standards are high.   8 strung ukuleles are kind of a hybrid, I bought my first 8 string, a Kamaka in Honolulu in 1983.  Its been with me a long tome, but after a accident, its now retired.  I could not find an instrument with the same quality so I started designing and building my own brand, the CG.........Crockett Guitars,....when living in Crockett, California.  The rest is history, I have made hundreds and are still at it,

I will post a video on Instagram to demonstrate........see you there: proukulele

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